Vacation literally means to me: eating and drinking whatever I want (within reason) while my toddler spent the entire time on the beach with my husband! With a 9 month old that over-heats rather easily we were blessed to have family share their stunning view of the ocean with us – in the A.C.! So I periodically checked in on the boys via “binoculars” from the balcony of our condo.

I really unplugged. When the kids napped I just sat on the balcony listening to the waves (and sometimes I even took a nap with them, if I’m honest!)

Counting Macros…

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know that I have been losing weight by counting macros. For the five days I was away on vacation, I was mindful of portions but ate a ton of fresh Florida strawberries and drank wine. I left the scale at home and quit counting macros for the long weekend. Here’s what I noticed: my internal fat burner turned off. You know how everyone says it’s normal to gain weight on vacation? Personally, I think it all comes down to: LEPTIN.

Fat cells in your body produce leptin in proportion to the amount of body-fat you have, i.e. the more fat you have, the more leptin your body is making. Leptin enters the bloodstream and tells your brain when it’s time to eat or when to literally stop eating. However, most individuals with a predisposition to regain weight after losing it (I think all women struggle with this!) have leptin concentrations where appetite is not effectively suppressed and are deemed: leptin resistant. (1) Leptin resistance can also be fructose induced! (2) Strawberries! Wine! Oh no!

Leptin Resistance and ME

Basically, by counting macros – I’m in a constant state of calorie deprivation, which any expert will tell you is paramount for effective weight-loss. However, (and this is a big one!) did you know, that over time caloric deprivation actually contributes to lower leptin levels which in turn, slows down your metabolism? You see where I’m going with this? A slower metabolism only makes it impossible to lose ALL the weight you want (can’t get rid of that last 10 pounds? Hell-o!) In my case, I’ve hit the quintessential “plateau” and want to drop another 10 pounds. Despite my efforts I am spinning my wheels trying to do it.

The next phase of my journey is going to be all about resetting my leptin “sensitivity.” I’m eliminating all forms of sugar, (even my plant based friends Stevia and Monk Fruit), all fructose (no more fruit at all) and all grains, potatoes, beans and tomatoes (because they contain “lectin” which also contributes to leptin resistance!) I’m going to return to intermittent fasting (not eating until noon) and I’m moving my workouts to mid-day.

I’m basically going to follow a modified version of the Bullet Proof Diet. Typically I exercise first thing in the morning, but studies show in order to improve your leptin sensitivity you should not exercise immediately before or after breakfast so since I’m only starting the day with bulletproof coffee (coffee with collagen, grass fed butter and MCT oil) and fasting till lunch, I’ll be exercising later in the day (and by exercising I mean a quick 15 minute burst training session – message me if you want more info on this!) I’m determined. Stay tuned!