Dr. Francesca LeBlanc

I’m one of those adults who had horrible allergies as a child. Then there were countless doctor’s and hospital visits until adolescence. Chronic sinusitis, migraines, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia and mood swings plagued my twenties and took me well in to my thirties.

“It’s all in your head.”


I was told my brain fog and mood swings were caused by a lack of sleep so sleeping pills were prescribed. The anxiety and subsequent depression were a result of my stressful corporate job so anti-anxiety medication was the next prescription. And the chronic sinusitis and migraines? I was told I would always have those so I had to endure painful injections for months.

When none of my symptoms resolved one doctor told me “it’s all in your head – just continue taking your medication – it takes time.”
A career change into holistic healthcare in my late twenties would introduce me to functional medicine and start my journey towards experiencing true health.

“No, it’s not in your head – you have adrenal fatigue.”

Finally. It had a name. I had a plan. And within months I was beginning to cross those symptoms off my list one by one. This was really important to me, as I was now in my late thirties and planning to have children.

Of course, during times of stress, I have to practice extreme self-care as a proactive measure, but I can honestly say that despite running after two tiny humans, I live a pretty normal, symptom-free, joyful life.

My prayer for you is that together we can determine the root cause of your adrenal dysfunction, narrow down the foods you may be eating that are keeping you sick and diminish the symptoms that are preventing you from enjoying your life.


I’m here for you when you’re ready.



God Bless,

Dr. Francesca LeBlanc

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