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Discover the tools needed to reduce Anxiety, eliminate Brain Fog, Insomnia and more.

When you have Hormone Imbalances the symptoms mimic those of many other disorders (which is why general practitioners easily overlook their involvement).

Hormone Healing begins at the intersection of supporting the organ dysfunction and incorporating effective stress management techniques.

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I’m Dr. LeBlanc

We’ve all heard at one point or another that hormone imbalances are Not real.  In fact, hormone imbalances occur when there is not enough or too much of a certain hormone being produced by the body. Research shows that hormone imbalances in women are far more prevalent than previously thought. While a hormone imbalance might not be visible on the outside, it can effect all aspects of your life, making it difficult to work and socialize.


What I Offer

My Private Group

I’ve curated a select group of women are absolutely READY to take action but need workshops, masterclasses and my direction to reclaim their sleep, energy and vitality.

Daily Essentials for Balanced Hormones

Your step-by-step guide to boosting energy and mental clarity while reaching your healthiest weight.

My Story

I’m one of those adults who had horrible allergies as a child. Chronic sinusitis, migraines, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia and mood swings plagued my 20’s and 30’s.

Easy as 1,2,3

My Clinical Approach to Getting YOU Results

Functional Lab Testing

Most functional lab tests can be completed in the comfort of your own home (yay!) Once we complete our initial consultation, I will be able to determine the exact data needed to get to the bottom of your symptoms and custom order your functional lab testing kits.

Optimize Gut and Liver Health

Healing from Adrenal Fatigue without supporting your intestinal and liver health is like trying to build a house on a faulty foundation. Eliminating inflammatory foods, addressing lifestyle choices and incorporating neutraceuticals will support proper digestion and detoxification.

Rebalance Hormones

Since your Adrenal Glands produce many of the hormones we need to feel our best, healing Over-active or Under-active Adrenal Glands optimizes your hormonal performance. Removing heavy metal toxicity and supporting nutrient deficiencies reduces many symptoms.


Latest Articles

How mold can impact your hormone health
How mold can impact your hormone health

I was exposed to mold and I didn’t know until an integrated practitioner tested me for it. I lit-up like a Christmas tree. Yikes!! What you may think is just headaches, or mild respiratory problems, sinusitis or even allergies, is only HALF of it. Mold can add stress...

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I’m forever grateful to Dr LeBlanc...

Dr Francesca LeBlanc has been incredible in helping me heal. After suffering years with chronic heartburn, fatigue, and hormone issues, I was beyond frustrated. Dr. LeBlanc was a God-send and within our first consult she immediately began ordering labs to determine steps to improve my health. Within a month I had answers I’d been searching for! She began a plan to heal my gut and liver to help rebalance my hormones. To say I feel like a new woman is an understatement.
-Tori, Lafayette, LA

I'm so grateful I was able to work with Dr. LeBlanc!

After months of feeling exhausted due to restless sleep, anxiety through the roof, and unable to concentrate at work, I finally made an appointment with my primary care doctor. I was extremely disappointed when the bloodwork results came back that I was within normal range. I knew I would need a second opinion because I simply wasn’t feeling like my normal self so I started to research my symptoms and kept coming back to hormone imbalances. I’m so grateful I was able to work with Dr. LeBlanc! I was feeling better within weeks and the improvements continued each month throughout my treatment plan.
-Carla, Dallas, TX

I feel like me again...

Prior to meeting with Dr. Francesca LeBlanc, I had been experiencing brain fog, fatigue, migraines, irritability, bloating, and I was just simply not able to lose weight no matter what I tried. To be honest, I just did not feel like myself. After several months of working with Dr. LeBlanc, I am truly so thankful and appreciate her so much! I feel like me again and no longer struggle with any of the symptoms I had when I first met with her. I just can’t thank her enough!
-Amelia, Temple City, CA