As a long-time lover of essential oils, I am thrilled to share my transformative experiences with them in this blog post part 2! If you missed part 1, check it out here. As a functional medicine doctor, I have profound insights into natural wellness and I am here to tell you fascinating science underlies our skin’s surface. It shows that essential oils are fat-soluble. This means these vital oils cross the bilayer, entering the lymphatic system. This highlights the significance of using high-quality oils, ESPECIALLY for hormone balance, considering they quickly integrate into the body. 

A revelation unfolds when you start looking at essential oils as digestive allies. Unsurprisingly, many Americans suffer from leaky gut, but essential oils can bypass digestion. This is a total game-changer. I frequently use these oils in my practice. They offer a way to balance body systems. They do so without being hindered by gut issues. Remember, essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier. Like alcohol and drugs, essential oils affect the brain. This emphasizes the necessity of choosing high-quality oils committed to stringent quality control.

I gave you some good oils to start with in Part 1, and today I want to talk about Frankincense, Lavender and why you should ditch that perfume (sorry, Sis!).

Frankincense: The Investment Oil

Frankincense has a heftier price tag than many other oils, but for good reason. Frankincense has proven benefits. It is a staple for those seeking neurological support. The sticker price is tiny compared to the life-changing impact this oil can have. From reducing stress and anxiety to aiding in pain relief, there is not much this oil can not do! Give it a try! 

Lavender for an energy boost

Studied and documented, the frequencies of oils significantly impact their therapeutic effects. This fact is astonishing. It is especially so for beginners in the world of essential oils. Lavender, for instance, is an adaptogenic oil that responds to individual physiology. I use lavender for an energy boost. I do this in the morning because it is adaptogenic. This means it aids the body in adapting to stressors and maintaining balance, making it a perfect way to start the day.

Go all in and ditch the perfume!

Now here’s the fun part – As I started to research essential oils as perfume, I came across something that was truly SHOCKING – most women don’t consider perfume as part of a clean-beauty routine. Meaning, makeup and skincare. That’s it. They just aren’t aware of the toxins in perfume because the labeling is misleading. So just a REMINDER – Phthalates consistently come up as one of the top ingredients to avoid and lo and behold, most perfumes are full of them. Even Time Magazine reported on this!

Phthalates have been attributed to causing a number of health issues including developmental disorders, poor lung function, polycystic ovarian syndrome, problems conceiving, hormonal imbalances and more. And yet, we’re literally spraying them onto our bodies and rubbing them in. Essential oils contain a whopping ZERO harmful ingredients, so why wouldn’t you opt for them? Here are my favorites to use as perfume.

  • If you’re into florals, try out jasmine, lavender, rose, and ylang ylang and see which one suits you best.
  • Cedarwood and sandalwood are great for those of you that want something more woodsy.
  • Bergamot is a great option for earthy, citrus lovers.

EOs can not only boost your health and improve your home, but they also reduce overall toxicity and your toxic load. Stay tuned for Part 3!