When my first child was only four months old, he started struggling with teething pains. The tiredness from constantly seeing my baby crying in pain led me to explore more natural remedies. That is when I discovered the untapped power of essential oils—marking the start of a fascinating journey. For some background, I knew about essential oils from childhood. I was exposed to them and used them occasionally. Fast forward to my adult life, I didn’t give them much thought—all that changed when I became a new mom. 

A friend from chiropractic school (yes, in addition to being a board certified doctor of natural medicine, I also went to chiropractic school!) introduced me. What I found was Copaiba (in addition to so much more – more on that below!). It’s an oil known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It emerged as a lifesaver for teething pain! *Friendly reminder that I am not your doctor, and this not medical advice. This is what worked for my family. 

How to get started in Essential Oils

On my new journey into essential oils, I learned that they are not only for aromatherapy, contrary to common belief. Remember, they worked great for teething pain! EOs have many incredible benefits. If you take away anything from this blog post – take away this: all essential oils are NOT the same. With just a small investment in glass bottles and essential oils, in no time at all, you will not only see an ROI in your wallet but also in you and your family’s health! 

BUT, remember to only purchase therapeutic grade essential oils. It doesn’t matter what brand as long as the oils are ethically sourced, are 100% pure and that the companies have transparent 3rd party testing (yes, you can ask!). To get started, invest in some carrier oils – almond, avocado, fractionated coconut, evening primrose and jojoba are all great carrier oils you can use to dilute your EO blends as you work your way to a level you tolerate best. Purchase some mini blend bottles and rollers, all available on Amazon of course.

Understanding the science behind essential oils added another layer to my fascination. You can apply essential oils topically, inhale them, or ingest them. They reach every cell in the body in just 20 minutes. This speed is remarkable. It shows the importance of picking a brand that focuses on quality. If essential oils significantly impact your body, purchasing the best of the best is common sense!  

My favorite beginner EOs

Still think Essential Oils are just a lot of hippie dippie hocus-pocus? (It’s all gravy — I used to think the EXACT SAME.) That is until I did a deep dive into their history, individual properties and uses for them. ENTER: Clary Sage – it’s one of my favorite oils to recommend as any part of a woman’s treatment plan because it heals adrenal glands, lowers cortisol AND is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant. Here are the two I recommend the most to get started with.

  1. Clary Sage – An essential oil no woman should be without for a number of reasons but my favorite? It’s the ultimate hormone balancing essential oil. Clary Sage in its rich history brings us the ability in this modern day and age to regulate estrogen. How cool is that? Have estrogen dominance and hormones that are out of whack? Give Clary Sage a try.
  2. Ylang Ylang – The numerous antioxidants in Ylang Ylang essential oil calm your brain and promote total body relaxation by reducing stress (reduces cortisol!). I love Ylang ylang essential oil so much that I place a few drops on my wool dryer balls so my sheets smell super yummy. Talk about the best sleep EVER. That’s why it’s part of my special blend of essential oils designed to balance hormones.

Can essential oils REALLY assist in getting your cortisol back on track?

What started as a quest for relief for my teething baby became a deep exploration of the whole-body benefits of essential oils. It was the natural choice for me and my family. What many don’t know is that there are several stages to adrenal dysfunction and fatigue/burn-out is the last. Can essential oils REALLY assist in getting your cortisol back on track? Research shows if you have elevated cortisol, you can diffuse 2-3 drops each of lavender and rosemary essential oil to help regulate it. I have yet to work with a client whose symptoms aren’t somehow related to an adrenal issue! Give it a try today!

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