From High Stress to Self-Regulation

Today, I want to share with you my personal journey as a reformed 5 am spinner (IYKYK). For many years, I had been living a fast-paced, high-stress lifestyle as a corporate worker in New York City. To keep up, I attended daily spinning classes at 5 am. I only fueled myself with coffee, an apple, and a salad for lunch. I never missed a workout. However, I eventually discovered I had hormone imbalances and high cortisol levels. I didn’t improve my well-being until I learned to self-regulate and lower my stress. This changed how I related to people through self-regulation.

Stress of The Corporate Rat Race

As someone who loves a good rush, the NYC corporate rat race was a match for my personality. However, it took me decades to realize that I had been running around with high stress levels. Eventually, this led to various health issues. Unfortunately, many of us are in the same boat. The constant rush to keep up with our daily tasks and responsibilities takes a toll on our bodies and minds. We find ourselves in a dysregulated state. We’re always stressed out and never fully present. Little did I realize at the time, I was lacking the tools necessary to self-regulate. 

But here’s the good news: You can have a high-energy lifestyle and  maintain self-regulation at the same time. You don’t have to be trapped in a state of stress and dysregulation. I gave myself one of the greatest gifts by learning to self-regulate. I lowered my cortisol levels. It has changed how I relate to people, especially those who matter most to me.

Learning The Value of Self-Regulation

So, how did I begin to self-regulate? Simple. I started by paying attention to my body’s signals and taking breaks when I needed them. I now incorporate meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practices into my daily routine. I also prioritize restful sleep. I make sure to eat a nutrient-rich diet to support my body’s natural processes. Self-care is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

I also learned the importance of social support. I discovered the value of surrounding myself with like-minded people. I now attend group fitness classes that bring joy and fun into my life. I seek the company of friends who uplift me, and I prioritize my social connections. I also do everything in my power to ensure I am maintaining a life of self-regulation.

At the end of the day, changing my high-stress, dysregulated lifestyle to a self-regulated, balanced one was not easy. It took time and effort, but the result was life-changing. 

The key takeaway here is that we don’t have to accept chronic stress and dysregulation as a way of life. We have the power to choose a healthier way of living, one that supports our body, mind, and spirit. We all deserve a life of self-regulation. So, if you’re feeling stressed or burnt out, remember that there is hope. You can start by taking small steps towards self-care. Find a supportive community that aligns with your values. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

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